Thomson post_Nimbus X Frame_RAD brake adapter_Salsa FLIP-OFF


this is a Nimbus X 26 inch frame. Rad Brake adapter, 25.4 Thomson seat post and a Salsa flip off seat collar.

the frame will clear a 26x3 Gazz tyre and it will also clear a 29x2.1 wheel so it can be used for either.




another pic


How much for just the clamp?

will this frame fit a 29x2.3/2.5??

$75 dollars plus shipping.

yes, with room to spare.

And I presume the Rad brake mount can be adjusted to fit a 29er rim?

yep, goes up and down the legs to match the rim/wheel in use.

Umm… that’s a rip off, they’re $25 new. You do know I was talking about JUST the flip-off seatpost clamp, right?

Thats his way of saying you have to buy all of it.

You have a buyer. I just sent you a PM, consider it sold.

Wow, not I feel stupid.:o

ahh, ok…check your PM’s

jagur’s camera is so rad.

it has some sort of watercolor painting filter that makes the pictures all blurry and cool automatically!!!

Ok, so when I sent a PM and said that I would take it right away, please work out shipping to Canada, did that not intail that it might be sold already. Can I still have this frame, or do I need to keep looking. Thanks


other people can send PM’s too… the same frame was for sale a week ago with free shipping, where were you? FOR SALE!: Nimbus X Frame (clears Gazz or 29er wheel)

I never said anything about him not being able to send a PM. I sent you one asking how you would like me to send the money to you, Wire, Paypal, Money Order, whathaveyou and you never got back to me.
My only question is if this frame is sold or not.
If so, tough shite for me. No problem, just trying to sort it out.