Thomson or Pit Fighter

ok i recently broke my seatpost wich i am quite cut about :frowning: and im pondering which seatpost i should get…

a thomson seatpost

or a koxx one pit fighter

i have a koxx devil and i like the pitfighter cause its koxx and i wanna keep my uni all koxx, but then again it says it breaks 3 times less than reinforced seatposts… were the thomson says “will not break even under extreme stress”

now another reason i want the pitfighter is because its about $50 cheaper than the thomson… but really i wan something that wont break for me…


if you get a thomson seatpost i believe you need a rail type seatbase adaptor thingy. you should check into that.

Just get a CrMo seatpost and a spare one, in my opinion they’re just as strong as the Koxx pitty

Well, id go with the Koxx.

The Thompson is great, and strong, but made for rail-type seats. So youd either need a rail adapter, which you wont like for doing trials/street/flatland, or go for an expensive (yet strong) Scott Wallis CF base.

Kozz will work with your seat you have now, last longer than the older post you jsut broke, and wont cost a lot.

I agree, if you can afford the SW base as well get a thompson, otherwise the KOXX.


It weighs a few grams more, but it’s much stronger. It’s also the cheapest option.

The seatpost TUBE of the Pit fighter will break 3 times less then reinforced seatposts.
The CNC’d PLATE will break fast though, but then again they never said that the PLATE will break 3 times less then reinforced seatposts :roll_eyes:

Peter M

Who breaks the tubes anyway? The plate always goes first, or the weld between the plate and the tube.

It is not a few grams, it is about 150 grams for the same lenght…

Here are the links for the pitfighter and the CrMo one…

I advice the PitFighter, I have it and it is very strong!

go with the crmo post. (and buy two)

problem with the koxx is that the weld is pretty much sure to break, and its way too expensive. Only people that have it are probs koxx sponsored riders LOL

The thompson is posbs the strongest, but the rail type adapter can break on a trials uni, and unless you get the SW base, then it gets in the way.

Koxx-One offers a one-year warranty for the Pit Fighter, and the weld is robust, and doesn’t often break.

Lol, why do you say that?? It is totally false, a lot of people in France use it and are very satisfied about it…I think you say that because you don’t know anyone who rides with a Pit Fighter…

CrMo is very strong but weights a lot…and that is a really bad thing for trial riding!

But, if you don’t have enough money, buy the CrMo one…

theres a one year warranty like wotever you do with it? no questions asked? if so then i guess its quite a good deal…

No one, just a litle advertise trick from the guys at Koxx One.

Peter M

Buy the cromo, anything else and you will regret it in the long run (or even short)

Uhm, did I say I would buy the Pitfigther? :roll_eyes:
No, read my signatures maybe :stuck_out_tongue:

Peter M

cough CODY cough cough

You realize this is ad copy, and doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with actual real-world results? If you want to compare strength, it has to be from sources other than the advertisements of the products themselves.

Exactly. Not that this is a Koxx problem, it’s a general problem with posts that have plates on top.

I agree that this design is generally weaker than rail systems. Seat posts don’t really have problems. But until someone develops the “next generation” of seats/posts for unicycles, the plate/post area will continue to be weak.

The people cautioning you about the rail system of the Thompson are pointing out what is probably the main difference between the two products. I think a rail-type post, well made, is going to be stronger than a post with a plate welded on top.