thomson connection question

if you have to ask, you cant afford it :wink:

Sorry I have not responded to this thread. I have been extremely busy and had not seen it since the first few posts.

I have been so busy because I have done some redesign on the seat base, finally converted it to a full 3D CAD model, and CNC machined new molds. I hope to run a test part today.

The changes are not extreme but will have benefits in the way of strength, consistency and manufacturability of the base. Also since it is now fully digital, I can make design changes and variations more easily.

I have a waiting list of people who have been waiting for months for seat assemblies from me. Thanks to everyone for their patience. Once I get the new parts running in the next few days I can set a production schedule. Also, I will re-evaluate my pricing at that time. I don’t expect any substantial changes in prices.

Currently the seat base with SS threaded inserts for handle and bumper, and the CNC post adapter is $125. Adapters for other posts will be available for 22.2mm applications.

The carbon fiber DeathGrip handle is $65 and the bumper is $30.
I need to get all the info on a web page, but right now all my time is going into getting the parts into production.

If anyone has questions email me at: scott at