thompson seatpost question

Hey, I am wondering

a.if I purchase a 25.4 inch Thompson seatpost if it will fit my Qu-Ax (i am almost positive that it will)

b. if I will have to purchase anything else to have it work with my CF base(adapter)

thanks, if i do need the adapter could you please post a link to it?

ok, so i relized that i do need a rail adapter, which i already have(didn’t know) however if someone who is using a thompson with a rail adapter set up please post a picture, i wanna see how it goes on

shoot i missed the edit, sorry about the three posts back to back, but if i put the adapter on will i not like if for street/flat/trials

You don’t want a rail adaptor for trials/street/flat, actually I would avoid rails whenever possible. You could try and set up your base like the Scott Wallis base designed for the Thompson post.

Maybe find out who else has carbon bases and PM them asking how theirs are set up.

The Thomson post is best used with the Scott Wallis base. There are no rails to break your fingers. An SW base is a seat for life. Rail adapters are weak, and have a tendency to snap fingers. The weight loss and strength you will have gained from the post will be lost in the weekness and added weight of the adapter.

IMO it’s harder to hold onto the seat while riding SIF w/ a rail adapter, plus it’s pretty heavy. I bet a cf base + adapter + Thompson post is heavier than a steel post and plastic base.

I don’t think weight is the issue, rail adapters are just really bad for street and flat. I used to ride with one for a while and I got my fingers stuck in it a few times. Especially with flat you have to hold the seat from all different positions so it would be bad.

If you have a normal uni seat, get a steel post or that quax reinforced one (or a pit fighter if you have a frame that takes 27.2). A wallis base with thomson would be lighter and stronger but more expensive. I have a wallis/thomson and love it.