Thom Bros.

Ever since Jem Thomson, Andrew Thomas, and I (Colby Thomas) have ridden together, we’ve wanted to make a combined unicycle videos. So here is our first video.

We decided like halfway through, so there is mostly footage of me.

It’s long, but who cares.

OHHHHH, I just noticed that I messed up on the editing, after you see the credits, keep watching for about 10 seconds. My bad.

youtube after I mow the lawn.

Cool vid. I thought that you rode a KH longneck? Did it break or am i just remembering wrong?

I did, but it wasn’t until the day I landed the hickdub I got it cut down.
250 mm now, not 300

Too many treflips and 540s. The first ones in the vid were enough for me. 30-40% of that video’s clips were treyflips and 540s.

It was entertaining, but you really gotta add more variety to your street than just treyflips 540s and outflips.

I liked the video a lot, but consider that for the next one.

I agree, i was able to watch the whole thing so it kept me interested enough. Really though, you only need to show the trick once or twice, unless there’s variation (not on flat 50 times:p). Like if you do a trey in a line with other stuff. But then you trey a 3 set. One clip shows consistency, and the other shows technicality, so it’s fine. We’ve seen tooo many of your treyflips, and they start to get boring. Don’t wear them out;), cause it’s still is a great trick.

My favs were, the hick double(I said you would get it;)), in-in 3spin on the trampoline (it looked really cool), and the bench line to 3spin down.

That was good.

But, there were way too many treyflips and 540 unispins. And try to work on some smooth/stylish riding. :sunglasses: Nice job on the hickdouble though! :wink: :slight_smile:

Why is the video footage all scrunched up? Why isn’t it widescreen?

Good video overall,


I accidently put it on full screen rather than widescreen, so it messed up. Sorry.

Thanks for the comments, I guess I don’t need to prove that my treyflips are consistant, and that my 5spins are there. One time in a movie unless there is a variation. Got it.

Why…Why must there be so many treyflips??? I mean, the editing was good, and I liked the hickdub and that line with the bench and the 3 spin, but it definitely needs to be mixed up a bit next time.
Keep up the good riding;)

I agree, with everyone, too many treys. Plus, I wasn’t in it enough, jk, but most of that footage is from a while ago so its ok. Next time, I’ll do the editing so we have some trick quantity controll :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, that’d be good. Have you figured out how to use premiere yet?

Your street is getting pretty good. You should now try to do all your tricks down big sets, etc, instead of learning harder ones :smiley:

I want to see another trials vid from you !!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Pretty cool. liked 2:43ish when the dude on the skateboard’s just starin’!