Tholthorpe Hockey Tournament Results

Hi everyone,

As the title says…

Final positions with league points

Thanks again to everyone who came, it was a great day



Thanks for posting the results, I normally take a quick photo of them before I leave but forgot on Saturday.

It was a very nice pitch and a great tournament well done in hosting it.

When the results are put in the league we (EMU) will have edged above Lunis and there’s a tight battle between Tholthorpe, Stockton & Severn Wheelers - great stuff - and only just over 2 weeks to the next tournament :slight_smile:

One issue I have just noticed with the UK Hockey League.

The League year runs from BUC to BUC.

Each team should try to host one league tournament per year.

Teams may not host more than league tournament per year.

With BUC being so late this year there will soon be no teams left that have not hosted tournaments and the season will not be over.

What happens then? As this season may be longer than next season (BUC 2009 may be over easter again) how will it be decided which tournaments/teams do not get to be in the next season?


There have been suggestions made to set a date for the end of this season else it could go on and on. The season does need clarification as BUC to BUC seemed like a good idea but maybe it wasn’t and ironically BUC would be a good place to discuss this.

Hosting more than one tournament in a season has been discussed on RSU and the next one is hosted by Southampton who have already hosted one but again BUC would be a good place to discuss all these things as RSU, email, etc. can be slow and there just doesn’t seem to be time at a tournament.

Thanks to the people of Tholthorpe for organising a great tournament and putting us up. I feel a bit sorry for the emus as the bar has now been set very high for post-match food :smiley:

did anyone leave a white hockey stick at the tournament?

If it’s a Cooper stick marked with orange tape then I think it’s probably mine. I wasn’t at the tournament, but I lent Brendan a stick beforehand and he seems to have assumed that someone else would pick it up to bring it home.

If someone can bring it along to the next tournament that Tholthorpe and Severn Wheelers will both be at, or to the Party on the Pier in Colwyn, or to Crawley, that’d be great.