This Week I'll...(commitment thread)

I thought it would be cool to have a thread where every Sunday you posted a list of tricks you’d like to land that week. At the end of the week, you post what you landed and what you’d like to land the next week. For every trick you do land, you can give yourself a point. Every once in a while, we can tally up the results and see who is landing the most tricks.

coughEli B.*cough

I’ll start out.

This week I’ll…
1)Land a crankflip
2)Land a 3spin

Good thread idea.

For me:
Heal my knee
Land a fifthflilp
Land a new flat combo-- Rolling wrap-inside roll-rolling wrap.:smiley:

I’ve got to heal my knee too. The doctor couldn’t tell anything was wrong with the x-ray. I have to go in January for an MRI.

Luckily, there was an alternative. The doc gave me some anti-inflammitory pills. They’re working. My leg can almost go completely straight and can bend all the way. Finally. I haven’t unicycled in 5 weeks.

Get my KH Doublecrown and land a rolling wrap.

This week i want to.

Improve my wheel walking skills.
Re-learn to idle
Re-learn to ride backwards
Ride seet out in front smoother
Try, try realy to learn 180 unispin.

This seems like alot but its the hols and ive got alot of free time at the moment.

Regards JPW

five weeks. that has to suck… I’m out 2 days and am reduced to sitting playing with my unicycle, and practicing hand positioning for outfifths

come on wrap walk insideroll wrap walk has to be easy for you;):smiley:

thes week i’ll try full outflips and 360sidespins

This week I’d like to learn fifth doubles and film them with the sweet camera i get for Christmas.

Holy crap I totally missed the invisible text in the original post! lol. i’ll try. My knee appears to be in good shape, so I’ll possibly be back sooner than expected:D:D:D

This week I will land a double rolling wrap and get in a good 360 unispin practice session in which I don’t sprain my ankle again.

EDIT: I’d also like to transition out of a seat drag.

This week I’m going to work really hard to:

  1. 180 unispin
  2. Maybe 90 unispin to tire

Good thread idea!

I’m out to…

patiently wait untill the end of what might be this week for a pair of 4x4’s to get shipped,

Then get closer to landing a 360 while causing minimum damage to my already scarred legs!

I’ll be working on:

  • 360 unispins
  • 1 foot riding

and that’s about it.

This is my list for two weeks.

-Inbacks - I never heard this used, is this the right name? (hickback to si)
-540 unispin
-180 fakieflip
-180 backflip

i am going to try to land treyflips and sidespins


  1. fakie flips

  2. outflips

I’m pretty close so yeah

I only ever tried it like 3 times, and I had trouble with it then. But now with the high expectations, i guess I’ll have to hit one:p;)

Okay, I have to revise my list…
Then end of this week and next week-- here’s my goals…
Rolling wrap-varial roll-outside roll
varial roll-outsideroll-inside roll
rolling wrap-backroll- rolling wrap
rolling wrap-one footed 3 spin
3 spin -rolling wrap
in to in treysideflips
in to in trey down a 4/3 set depending on which one I get to first.
double rolling -backroll
crankflip-catch-late180 down a stairset. probably 2
540 hoptwist
450 unispin from pedals to tire
and, finally—rolling wrap-varial roll-outside rolll- inside roll

These tricks should keep me busy, especially the combos:)

  • sej flips
  • out side fifths
  • 900 unispin
  • quad flip.