This uni trick gives us all something to aim for ....

As I watched this video I thought -
“No, she’s not really going to try that is she?”

:astonished: :astonished: That would have been impressive even if she wasn’t on a uni.

Coming off wearing heals onto a gym floor no less…wow

That looks like the same person I saw perform at the half time show of a basketball game years ago. She has been working on her skills. Back then she only did one bowl at a time.

she’s wearing highheels, isn’t she?

i saw a group of ladies doing the same
or a similar trick on giraffes in the circus…

Amazing trick! Speechless…

Is she possibly the person with this record?

I got to see her in person at a OSU game

It looks kinda like the trick I saw someone do in an acrobat performance at the Erie County Fair.

It kinda looks like the same person too.