This? This is my BOOM CYCLE

scout trooper suit will be ready by saturday :slight_smile: in the meantime…

I wanna live in a world where storm troopers are unfazed by a guy on a unicycle with a chainsaw for an arm.

“These aren’t the unicyclists-with-chainsaw-arms you’re looking for.”

Wow, the fact that I actually understand and relate to everything in that picture is scarier than the picture itself…

Army of Darkness is a nice film :wink: Did you rescue Sheila yet? :smiley:

Shop smart; shop S-Mart.

Reposted 'cause I can’t be the only person who has twitpic blocked from work…


Needs a shotgun loaded with confetti.


Alright you Primitive Screwheads, listen up! You see this? This… is my unicycle! Aluminum double-walled rim. KH top of the line. You can find this on That’s right, this sweet baby was assembled in Marietta, Georgia. Retails for about six hundred and fifty. It’s got a freeride seat, aluminum blue frame, and a trued wheel. That’s right. Shop unicycle. Shop You got that?

Ah, leave it to to combined my two favourite things, evil dead and unicycles.

Such a great film, he needs to do a follow up, I have seen it at least a dozen times, never gets old, esp “that was just pillow talk babe” :stuck_out_tongue:

“Mister goody two shoes, mister goody two shoes…”

“You said you loved me once…”

NOT wise riding unprotected!!!

Hey, where’s your other wheel?

I wounder I Bruce Camble would sign that. Hes coming to Dallas For a Con in October. TOO flipping cool!!!

What do you mean, unprotected? He’s got a chainsaw and a shotgun. And Billy told me that Brian always wears a condom.

I approve of/endorse this thread.