The weather is killing me! :angry:
It’s sunny and cold untill you get out there, then by the time you mount up and ride 50 feet the clouds move in and the drops start falling again!

I managed 12 of 22 geocaches that I had planed to find today, again efforts cut short by rain at 12 searches. Though I did go 12 for 12 so I am happy about that. :stuck_out_tongue:

And I am way to hyper of a person to sit here and watch more then 1 movie and I am not a big fan of the Wii, plus if I turn it on that automatically means that I have kids screaming and telling me what move to make or button to push the whole time! :angry:

:thinking: What do you do in this weather?

Well, in this type of weather, I either ride my unicycle or go in my garage or backyard and shoot something (bow, crossbow, bb, etc.)

It’s been raining for almost 3 days here:( I hope it’ll be better tomorrow, I’m supposed to go ride Trials with some B*ke trials riders in Ottawa.

Find a parking garage and hop over curb stops. Bring a 2x4 and practice riding skinnies. I live in Portland, when it’s raining mildly… I just put on some gore-tex and ride or go to the parking garage under my clinic and practice skills. :slight_smile:

I read this a couple hours ago and I thought, “Wow that sucks.” About an hour ago I go outside and I’m having a pretty good ride, landed some nice tricks on film, and then it starts raining. I feel your pain haha. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it stops for tomorrow morning, I’m supposed to go to the skatepark and uni with some friends.

Juggling practice? :wink:
Look on the bright side - at least it’s still under 80F there…

It has been alternating between raining and snowing here for about a week but the last couple days have been super nice (+10 to +15 in the day, sunny and calm) but I haven’t been able to get on the trails since the sun came out and it warmed up since I am packing up my stuff and cleaning since I am moving out of here on wednesday.

Get wet! If I didn’t go out in the rain I’d be inside most of the time - you get used to it. (although it has been unusually sunny and dry here for the last couple of weeks…)


Perfect weather in the uk this weekend. lovely dry trails.

DEFINITE global warming.

lol jk. (or maybe it is, who knows :p)

just b thankful youre not injured…and ill be thankful i’m not injured worse than i am

Yeah, mother nature can be a bitch sometimes.
I hate how all week it was warm and sunny while I sat in an office building working at a computer.
The weekend comes, the temperature drops 20F degrees and it rains. :angry:

Thankfully I was able to use to determine the least likely times it would be raining, and it worked out. I got out twice. Conditions weren’t perfect, but I can go back to work fairly satisfied with my weekend.

one of the reasons i love california so much

Ah, a fellow geocacher!

Move to California. :smiley: A little extreme, I know, but it worked for me!

Nah, all the cool kids are moving to Colorado these days :sunglasses: