I’ve ridden Sullivan canyon trail more than 200 times since late 2006, and it has become one of my favorite MUni trails, for so many reasons. Relatively close to home, good 9 mile length with some steep climbs to get you heart going, decent tech sections and a few fairly big drops. And a big plus is it’s about 95% shaded, which really helps with the recent heat waves.

Little did I know that tomorrow, 9/1/09, it will be CLOSED 'till further notice as it will be PLOWED from beginning to end into one LONG and BORING fire rode, all so the Gas Co. can have better access to their “lines.” So this morning’s ride was likely my last for a long, long time! :(:(:frowning:

Tomorrow is 8/31/09, so you have one more day.

I can kind of relate, because there used to be this place close to my house that was great for trials, but they cleared it and put in a parking lot:(

I hope you find a new trail.

Haha yeah you’re right! Everybody on the trail was telling me it was tomorrow, but yeah, it’s Tuesday. Might as well be tomorrow since I can’t ride then anyway. There is another trail called Backbone which is not far from Sullivan, and is also a good trail, but TOTALLY exposed, which I hate, but will have to do. I’m gonna miss Sully! :frowning:

They’ve “improved” a lot of my favourite local routes to.:frowning:

wow that does suck! Im lucky the improvements they’re making here are good (mountain biking park probably within 5 miles of my house too :D)

That’s lucky for you! That’s the thing with MUni; finding awesome trails with all the right ingredients, including being close to home, can be a major challenge. Then once you find the ideal place, so-called “progress” intervenes to spoil it!

No such problem if you ride mostly street, trials, flat…if one place gets closed for reconstruction or whatever, you have millions more to choose from just a hop, skip and a highjump away! Great MUni trails-close to home-can be very hard to come by!

yeah I know what you mean… there is next to nothing round here at the moment… and its frustrating when i see everyone else having great places to ride and I haven’t. At least you can still get to other places too.

Not only sucks … it blows.
Crap Terry … I hate that they are doing that to one of your faves.

They paved paradise and they put up a parking lot…

I have a similar story. The little area of trails I used to ride in my very early days of unicycling, where we took pictures for the 1981 “U.M.X.” article I did in the USA Newsletter, is now part of the parking lot for the Livonia Mall (Michigan). Early MUni history under asphalt.

It could be worse. You could live in Illinois.

It could be worse then that! You could live in Florida!

Oohps…I recently got my 26" MUni and not had much time to use it yet. Been too busy on the road with the 36! Hope your newer rides work out for you - I will discover what’s on offer for me this September.

This is true.

What kind of 26" did you get?

Wow, what a bummer, Sullivan is (was?) a fun trail. There’s a lot of good hills there, must be another good muni trail in those hills - no?

Yeah, “Backbone” trail, which is up to 50 miles long!!! The part that I’ve ridden is accessed via Will Rogers State park. It’s got plenty of technical sections, and the part of trail that I rode is even longer than Sullivan at about 14-15 miles out & back, and the ride climbs from 500’ to 2,025’ with several ups and downs…all good, but very little shade! Oh well, I guess I just have to either start at dawn, and finish before 9am, or start after 5pm… maybe earlier once we turn the clocks back for fall. :o

I keep telling you guys, there’s good riding to be had down here :smiley: No, we don’t get the kinds of extended elevation changes that Terry has access to out in his mountainous California, but it also means you don’t have to worry about the temptation to cheat your Gravity Karma™ balance by shuttling to the top of any mountains ;D

Home turf defense aside, I definitely wouldn’t mind living somewhere where the trails were a little thicker underfoot than the “only where there’s disturbed land, mining, or rock quarries” options down here in Floriland. You gotta make it down to Santos some time when we get a few guys together, Michaelgoround… it’s an excellent showcase of the variety that our fine cough state has to offer for MTB trails.

"flat land means ‘net zero’, not ‘zero’ ",
John M

chain yourself to the trailhead in protest!:slight_smile:

Since they’re plowing down the whole trail, there’s nothing left to chain myself to! So, sadly, the trail has been “Beheaded!” :astonished:

Where is the ELF when you need them? :devil_smile:

Did the trail follow a gas line?