this shoe?

i was thinking about getting this shoe for like long distance rides what do you think. have any of you try them,pdp,_pdp,cid-1/pid-88963#l=nikestore,pdp,_pdp,cid-1/pid-88963

ive had a pair of these an they werent very good for unicycling cus they are not very rigid at all. because of this i found my foot arching over the pedal a little uncomfortably. Ive found that it really doesnt matter what shoes you wear as long as they have good support for your ankle and arch.

RE : this shoe?

If you get great support from your shoes then you can wear any type of shoes, i had tried Nike shoes, this shoes are very nice to wear and you can get good support from this shoes.

  1. Throw an old pair of shoes at Bush.

  2. Sell said shoes for millions of dollars:

  3. Buy as many new shoes as you wish for unicycling evaluation.

  4. Also pay medical bills for having the s%&* beat out of you for no reason.

haha thats crazy!^^
anyway no Nike Frees arent good for unicycling at all. they do bend way to much on the pedals because the base of them isnt rubber its a really light material that bends easy. think about it, the Free is made to be like youre barefoot. would you want to uni barefoot? didnt think so :wink:

You say that like riding barefoot would be horrible.

It was too long ago a lady unicycled coast to coast, and she was barefoot the whole time.

It’s personal but Nikes are crap for sports - ANY sort of sports.
When I wore Nikes to run, the sole shredded off in months - and this was before I started running regularly.
I wore a pair of Nike dunks for RTL and pretty much use them for all sorts of unicycling. HORRID. It rained one day and when I took my shoes off, the sides broke off in chunks - I had to wait for them to dry up a little so they solidify more before continuing. Ridiculous.

Nike Airs (Skate Style) and Nike SBs are the best for flat… I love them…

Sounds like someone has been getting some fake Nikes. I’ve never heard of a pair of Nikes falling apart that horridly. I have also been really impressed with Nike’s trail running shoes. One of the guys I met in Hong Kong was wearing some High top Dunks for Muni and they held up great and provided really good ankle support. You also have to be careful of using a road shoe or a trail running shoe. I know a lot of people look at shoes like the air trail’s and think they would be great running shoes. They are, but if you are just running on roads and tarmac paths, then they will fall apart. They are made for trail running. On loose dirt and leaves.

That all being said, those shoes don’t look that great for uni. They are made to flex like mad, which is not at all what you want in a uni shoe. You want something stiff so you won’t lose any energy and so your feet don’t get sore from the pedal.

Nike used to make some bike shoes, but I think they were all clipless shoes, which you definitely don’t want.

Look at a freeride shoe like Shimano used to have. I would recomend the 5-10 freerides, but they are way to hot and big for serious distance riding and there are definitely better shoes out there for that.

Lake makes some really good bike shoes, most of which look more like a casual shoe than a freaky austronaught booty like most. They also make flat pedal shoes which is exactly what you want.

Check out their active life shoes for a good combo of street and cycling shoe.