This really sucks

Ok so i live in the west island in montreal, so during the winter i cant go out unicycling cuz there is too much snow, and in october, (the last month for unicycling), i badly injured my knee and now it is feburary and it really sucks cuz i miss unicycling and i think i may have lost my touch, plus on top of that i still don’t have the strength in my knee to push down on the pedal. I miss my unicycle ever so dearly.

It does suck; five years ago I was out for three months from a broken heel. Last summer I did something that irritated my knee that stayed with me the rest of the season. I’m currently strengthening around the knee in anticipation of upcoming riding season.

You’ll get your touch back in time; I’d spend the time getting the strength and condition back before getting back on too soon and re-injuring the knee.

Hey Crunchy! We have the same stuff here in Ottawa… but look on the bright side… only 3 more weeks and the pavement starts to show up again and you’ll be riding up and down Mount Royal!!

I’ve accepted this as something that will inevitably happen to me now and again. Out of 7 months of riding, about 3 of those have been taken up by knee injuries. :smiley:

Eric in Sask is, I think, the expert in winter driving. Any physiotherapists out there?
“Bad Knee” Dockrill
Best from the right coast.
Sunny today , 0 degrees (?)

Miss riding

Sorry about the bad knee crunchy, hope it heals and your up and about again.

I’d hate to be off my unicycle for any length of time.

Be well soon.