This parallelogram seatpost suspension

could it be any good for unicycles? The suspension doesn’t work linear with the seatpost, instead it moves the saddle slightly backwards. Allegedly the SR Suntour parallelogram suspension system doesn’t decrease the distance between saddle and pedals.

Looks like a more compact version of the Thudbuster post available at I don’t think the angular movement is a plus for a unicycle, but it still works (moving the frame forward a bit as it compresses).

I seem to be the bearer of stale tidings …

I had a Thudbuster and it was like a rigid seat post. I was in contact with designer and he said it relied on pivoting around the front axle of a bike. A uni doesn’t pivot, it just goes up and down.

It looked good though but did not allow much room for seat adjustment. Consequently it has been replaced and gone to my old Pashley which is made up of “great things” that I don’t think are that great. This also includes the nice looking, but super flexible Black Widow cranks.

Thanks for that insight, I was considering getting one.

A better idea for suspension is to make the Pantour hub work on a unicycle. Just don’t ask me how.

goldenchicken II, how? :thinking:

That Pantour hub looks really cool! For a front wheel. I think the design concept precludes running a drivetrain through it. That would probably require some sort of different approach…

They do a rear bike hub, so it’s supposedly possible to transmit drive. I don’t see how brakes would work (rim or disc) with a moving hub like this either. Looks like it would be impossible to keep the rim/disc in the caliper. Weird.


unicycle with shcoks

what would be the point of that ? when you do drops or anything that you absorb impact you are standing so talking about puttin suspensions on a unicycle would be pretty much pointless from my point of view

I’m not sure how that would work on a unicycle since the seat isn’t always in the same position as a bike is. That would make keeping balance a lot harder and weird, all though I’m not sure, looks cool though

Are these pantour suspension hubs very strong or does the fact that they have suspension mean that the overall strength of them decreases?

Re: unicycle with shcoks

Everything is not always about drops.

For XC muni a suspension seatpost can be beneficial because it will allow you to have the seat slightly higher for fast trail riding. A higher seat makes it easier to spin faster and your legs are more efficient when properly extended compared to being scrunched up with a low seat. A higher seat is more efficient for climbing and fast riding. A seatpost suspension will take the bumps and help keep the rider from getting bumped up off the seat. It will also allow the rider to keep more weight on the seat which makes for more efficient riding. So for fast XC riding where you are concerned about speed and efficiency a seatpost suspension could be a good thing.

Re: unicycle with shcoks

Maxis, your crotch must be made of iron. For the rest of us, we occasionally ride over bumpy things when we’re sitting on the seat. That’s what (seat, not pedal-based) suspension is for.

I think it would be most useful for road riding, but I’ve also enjoyed a bit of suspension on trails as well. Any my Pyramid suspension post paid for itself in one day of riding on the slickrock of Moab!