this may sound kinda wierd

would it be a sutible idea to wear a cup

ive never worn one, ahhh balls of steel, depends what your doing, if your like riding rails or something like that i would.


no… its terrible… i one time rode to football practice with my cup on and it hurt all the way there… it was miserable… i couldnt imagin doin like seat in trialsy stuff


Plus then you can’t tell the ladies you are building testicular fortitude! and we all know thats a hit with them.:stuck_out_tongue:

NO,take the blows like a man

I do and it feels great! Hmm… actually it deosn’t.

it would just it in the way and probably hurt more than the occasional hit to the nads.

that would hurt a hell of a lot more just riding, and if u screwed up, i don’ like to think ,jsut imagine ur balls being in the cup, while ur not wearing it…
and anyway, u learn to protect that area by landing properly after a while

k agreed i wont wear a cup

duct tape the leg holes of your shorts shut around your legs and then fill your shorts with styrofoam packing pellets. it’s a much more stylish, affordable, and comfortable alternative.

look out every one its Pack man…get it…hahahah

sorry my jokes are lame and stupid

sorry you had 2 hear that

maybe just wear bike shorts you kno the tight ones under your pants. then you boys are held safely out of harms way.

Re: this may sound kinda wierd

Like the poster who rode his bike to football practice with his cup on,
I one time made the same mistake riding my bicycle to a baseball game.
One time and one time only.
If you tend to experience distress in this area you might try bike
shorts or a lightweight athletic supporter coupled with adjusting and
landing right. Since you can’t always be prepared for the impromptu
ride, it would definitely be a good idea to wear briefs instead of
boxers on a daily basis. I detest boxers.


I always wear boxers, and I’'ve never really had a problem while riding…it’s only while doing something stupid, and falling into the unicycle, is when I get hurt…and that’s only happened maybe 4 or 5 times

just remember while suicide jumpmounting: never miss one pedal or either your nuts will be squashed on the seat or your shin will be damaged or both :astonished: :slight_smile:
happened to me once, not funny