This may be a stupid question...

My friend needs new cranks for his unicycle…but the shop here is being stupid…for a lack of a better word. He has a 20" with either 125 or 127mm cranks right now…but one of them is stripped. Would any set of cranks that we ordered in the correct size fit his unicycle?

No. They have to be the right type. Splined or tapered. And then the right shape. You better post the name of your uni and your hub.

i can’t find the unicycle anywhere on the internet. Its made by Action…i believe they primary make bicycles but i can’t find anything. I don’t believe it is splined. They are probably as cheap as they come. As for the shape…strait…very plain. I really don’t know how i would tell the difference. I have the same one, and i twisted the axle under light riding…so the axle is a piece of crap

anything with a square hole is going to fit

unless you have a cotter pin going through the cranks and hub? then you need something like this