this kids got issues

pretty weird

Kinda makes Tyler Cox’s movie look good.

Thats all I have to say

that boy is brain dead


Dude whatever i though it rocked exept for the shitty music I HATE RAP


Dude…Klown life rules!


he should brighten up a bit…he’s just a wee bit too angry…

He flipped me off nine times in five minutes… :frowning:

well no wonder he’s mad. He wears clown make-up and expects people not to make in fun of him. People think he’s scary because he chucks his uni, makes obscene gestures, and he looks scary with that clown make-up on. He needs to calm down and stop listening to eminem.

his ridin isn’t bad its just he is a little

I remember when I first learned “the bird”, and it was important to build it into my physical vocabulary and use it as much as possible. I didn’t know much, but I knew that. I knew how to flip people off, and it worked pretty well to transfer my self-loathing over to everyone else.

Yeah but how old were you? Hopefully 12 or under.

Makeup does not make one a clown. It is clown-like makeup (or mime-like), but if the rest of you isn’t a clown, you’re still just an angry teenager that likes to flip everybody off. Spend more time on the riding and your videos will get better and better. If that’s what you want.

Sounds like not many Eminem fans here. To me he sounds as good, if not better, than some of the other soundtracks people use…

At least he can hop standing on the wheel.

i think he does it to get attension :thinking:

You mean the mime face paint? Yeah, that’s about why everyone does things like that. For attention. But this guy will probably post here again saying that it’s just the way he is, to deny that he just wants attention. Yep.

no offense to Mime Boy, of course, everyone does stuff like that.

so true so true they always do that. :stuck_out_tongue:

I thought the movie was good.
but did you listen to the lyrics?
i think he was trying to get a messege through.
watch it again and listen to the lyrics it might make more sense then.

poor guy.
getting dissed cuase hes a bit different

I think he likes to think he’s got a hard life, and he’s really hardcore and stuff. Also he’s attention seeking.

Are you Stupid?

who? me?