This just isn't fair!

I took my uni to the pub today, a nice track across the common first (I got to show off in front of some bikers to boot!). Coming home was great because someone dared me to bounce down the stairs into the beer garden, which I did; that was brilliant, loads of people were watching and I didn’t fall off!

And then I get home, and now I’m watching my new Universe video. And it’s not fair… I was very impressed with my first rolling jump up a kerb, and here’s this lot needing clearance from air traffic control. Bah!

I’m going to order my new muni tomorrow. Gauss… I hold you personally responsible!

Phil, just me

Re: This just isn’t fair!

sorry,there closed on saturday

Hold me responsible for years of enjoyment, cuts and scrapes, and a feeling of purpose? Sign me up… unless you bust your ass. Then you are on your own.

Re: Re: This just isn’t fair!

Aargh! Really should have checked that. Their website is currently broken too…


Phil, just me