this is weird

the other day when i was rideing i noticed i do everything backwards. When i do a mount it says to do something with the dominate foot and i do it with the non-dominate it just me or do some other people do that to.

what do you mean by ‘dominant foot’?
which foot do you mount with…and which do you hop with?

it meens that if you are right handed you dominate foot is your right foot. i can mount with bith feet but im better with my left foot. I hop right foot forwards.

Im way better at mounting with my left foot, but I hop right foot forward. Its all good.


Your dominant foot is not necessarily on the same side as your dominant hand. I’m left-handed and “right-footed”. I mount right foot back and hop the same way. You also don’t have to use your dominant side I hop with my right hand.

lucky dont worry your not that wierd…ikm the same way…i kick with my right foot(dominant) but i mount with my left and hop with my right foot forward…same as you.

I also mount lft and hop riht in front but in all the vids ive seen Ive never seen anyone else doo that

i guess im not the only one then

It doesn’t exactly work like that, i’m a right handed, left footed.

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I dont think it is weird, we all ride differently =p

For me, i’m right footed, i kick with my right foot, its my cominate one, I mainly mount with my right foot, but I can do both feet lol, but I hop with my left foot in front, all the tricks I know I learned using my left foot, like one-footed riding and others, and i’ll hold my seat with my right hand =p

In Wake boarding to see if you are left foot forward or goofy ( their terminology for right foot forward, you stand on edge of dock and lean forward til you fall forward into water and see which foot you step forward with first and that is your lead foot