This is Trial

My new trial vid with Max Gaitan and Mark Fabian! comment if you like!

best trial vid in a while!!!

agreed with tim, why are so few people riding trials now? :frowning:
very nice video aidan, huge pedal grab, and a lot of nice riding :smiley:

Totally agree: Long time ago that someone posted a trialsvid…
Fabian just “flows” over the obstacles…
Great vid!

Trials <3 Nice vid! :slight_smile:

Because it’s winter!! :wink:

Nice riding, you have good fluidity in your trials, which is really nice to see! I loved that segment at 1:11

Thanks for sharing man!

Thanks for the comments guy’s! I think a lot of people ride trail but don’t make vids. almost all flat riders make vids i think.

Nice vid Aidan,really enjoyed it.Alister you ask why so few people ride trials now but theres never been many trials riders.Every comp ive been to theres only been a few and like a thousand flat riders lol

EDIT: OVER 9000!!

Father!!! Your going to destroy the planet!!!

i come onto these forums looking for videos to entertain me. instead all i find is flat vid after flat vid with all the same tricks with all the same bloody rap music.

anyway this video was much better. music was at least interesting and the riding was pretty darn good. it even made me seriously lol when you broke the table at the start. good work guys

Dear Aidan,

I’m pretty upset that you posted this video.

You’re never allowed to post awesome trials videos here! It makes everyone pissed at flatlanders.

With love,


PS: Just kidding, that was sick.

Agree with Eli!

Stop telling people what styles is nice to ride and wich is not. Why should anybody ride something they don’t think is fun and challenging?

PS: I still love this video <3

hehe, I definitely remember there being generally more trials video’s back in 08/early 09 than there is now!

besides the point, this is an awesome trials video, marks static was huuuuuge!


I always try to guess if there is a trials video hidden behind the thread title…

There are way more trial riders than videos, but they don’t make videos. It’s easier to film flat than filming trials(/street). You also need the spots to ride trials only a few people have a place to ride in the winter.
My problem is that i don’t have an editing program, but lots of (trial) clips.

btw. nice video :wink:

I argree with almost everybody here…

  1. there are not much good trial vids

  2. trial is nice, but you don’t have to tell people what style to ride, if they preffer flat, it is ok for them… if you want to have more people to ride trial, first start to ride it yourself ^^

  3. it is way harder to film trial than flatland…
    I hardly never film when I ride trials… (only when I want to make a vid) because it take time to film everything you want (travell to some cities, find hard lines,…) + you have to take the camera with tripod or camera man with you…
    while for flatland it is almost always at the same spot, or in a mile around you… and you just have to put the camera there and do some tricks… with the best tricks you make a vid… simpel ^^

  4. there a way more trial riders than you would think :wink:
    look at how many compete in trial competitions (euc), there are still a lot of good riders that I don’t know of…
    ( same for my friend arne…, I think a lot of people who don’t go to euc don’t know him, but I can say: ‘he ownes a lot of you people!!’ sick style, high hops, technical,…)

  5. last but not least:
    this vids is so nice xD

Well I was just about to say how awesome this video was and then the earthquake hit and the power went out.

I can’t thank you all enough for the positive comments you’ve all made! Thank you! part 2 will come soon!

@eli ahahhahaahhaha <3

awesome, can’t wait :slight_smile:

Nice video I always love it to see fabian marks smoth style.

As far as I know for example at unicon there where much more trials then flat riders. same at euc and nearly all other conventions I have been to and i have been to a lot (around 5-10 a year since 15 years…).