this is so dumb

well there is only one thing I can say to this…wtf :thinking:

untitled.bmp (247 KB)

I don’t know man

I don’t know, that looks pretty cool to me.
I want to see 2 people on it though

yeah seriosuly dude that is flippin sweet


its not so dumb I guess it just for some weird reason makes me extremly angry :thinking:

What’s so dumb about it? It’s a tandem unicycle. It would be very challenging to ride with two people on board, especially if both people are actively controlling the unicycle. I consider it a cool novelty unicycle. Kudos to the people who build and ride unique unicycles like that.

Where did you get the photo?

Here’s the picture as a JPG:


could you imagine the arguements you would have with some one trying to both learn how to ride that thing at the same time!

nice uni!.. i’d love to see more unusual ones like this one.

People who have ridden tandem unicycles like that have commented that it is easier when one person does the majority of the pedaling and control while the other person just goes through the motions and keeps a very very light touch on the pedals.

People have successfully ridden tandem unicycles?? I’ve bveen missing out…where are the videos? I’ve been wanting to see this done for two years now! :slight_smile:


I’ve seen that pic on David Poznater’s gallery. It was from solme juggling convention a few years ago.

Andrew: John foss has a pic on his site of a pair of Japanese riders doing tandem.

I want to see people offroad that. Imagine how hard Northstar would’ve been…

I think a tandem would work better if you offset the power positions of the pedals by 90 degrees so that one person would be vertical while the other was horizontal. That would seem to work better and lead to less conflict. Also, did anyone notice how on that uni the drive ratio isn’t 1:1?

i wonder if you could ride it sitting on the front seat and using the rear pedals(opposite of the kid in the picture)?? oh well, i’ll probably never know.

It seems that’d make you lean forwards enough that you would end up sitting on something that isn’t made to be sat on.