"This IS my other wheel!" Tshirt design

Someone suggested a t-shirt with all the stupid comments we get on it, and whilst I haven’t finished that one (much less started) I’ve got this one done. Clipart by Gilby, 'cause I’m not that talented…

It’s not flashy, but I like that idea very much. The only thing I’d suggest is the even with the word “IS” in all capitals, I don’t think it is readily apparent that that is the stressed word there. Particularly if you’re passing someone quickly(ish).

I’m not suggesting red is the final answer, but something like this might make the point more apparent.

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ


I LIKE that! Gimp time! Lessee, Like you had:

Drop Shadow?

How 'bout with a shadow on the “IS”?

No shadow. I like it JJuggle’s way.

font is a bit plain i think… tho i admire whoever came up with this t shirt. i like the red better. i wish the unicycle in the pic were a trials/muni or at least something beefy looking. After all, this t shirt is directed towards non-unicyclists, and we want to keep the image more “extreme” than “clown”. at least thats what i wanna do with the image.


My suggestion would be to beef up the lettering to something bolder and make ‘is’ italic. (slanted slightly)

And I agree with tennisgh22- a beefier wheel would be better. And maybe turned at an angle, as flat side-on is a little dull.

But then, as Dennis Miller aptly put it, that’s just my opinion. I could be wrong.

And then, as I usually add- “I’m wrong a lot. I’m comfortable there.”


When somebody gets around to having some of these made, please post it so I can buy a couple.

That unicycle’s saddle doesn’t look very comfortable…

Nope, but at least it has lots of spokes…

That’s true, but I still think the unicycle could stand a makeover.

Quit whining, its fine. If you want a make over so badly why not step up and make it over yourself.


I’d buy it if it came in black with white font.

Love the idea; the red “IS” works well; love the idea of white on black (still with red “IS”); agree that uni could be beefier, but I’d still buy one! Cushty!


Careful, there, Darchibald. You’re advising someone to steal a tshirt design.

Thats a good point too. I suppose if it is his market he’s gonna want to know what to sell. I think I was just angry last night or something and it wasn’t directed at one person either.


Design, all mine! MWuhahahahaha!!!

Bah, I’d feel bad selling them, 'cause I think it was John Foss who had the “This is my other wheel” line in one of the “stupid comments” threads, and it was Gilby who made the clipart. I unfortunately don’t have the skill to make a better uni pic, that was the best I could find.

If I get a chance after dinner I’ll take a pic of muni and see if I can Gimp it to look cool. I’ll also tweak the text for a better font, italiscize the “IS”. I’m posting them full size so if anyone wants to make one they can simply save it, print it onto a transfer sheet, and make their own shirts.

If anyone wants to tweak the file just ask, and I’ll post the XCF (That’s for the GIMP (Gnu Image Manipulation Program, http://www.gimp.org))
somewhere on my web page.

Improved design! Well, I think it is :wink:

Ahh, the wonder that is The GIMP, and the wonder that is the digital camera :wink:

If yer wondering what the yellow at the bottom is, it’s an after effect of the filtering… the photo is of my muni lying on a concrete floor, and the shading wasn’t even. If I get the patience tomorrow, I’ll go through the image and just erase the floor, then I’ll either get rid of the contrast/balancing tweak, or if people like it, I’ll leave it in. I do like the wind effect… less “static” then the old clipart :slight_smile:

What are you talking about? That turned out great. Good job! That is by far the best version so far. Love it!