This is my girlfriend


Wtf, are you serious?
Edit: I’m guessing no

What do you think?

Of course she’s my girlfriend. :roll_eyes: :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, of course a girl like that would date a 16 year old. This thread should just be deleted now.

my exact thoughts


you liar!Thats my girl friend

Here’s mine:

Warning Nude Content

HAY!!! WHO GOT THIS PIC OF MY MOM!!! You are all sick…

This is my girlfriend. :smiley:

Anyone else have real girlfriends? We can try to get the thread on subject.

Sera 11 PS2.jpg

This is my real girlfriend:

She’s gorgeous!

Rock on!

This is my girlfriend Sandy (dumpweed)

That ledge is over 5’ high.

everyone stop lying about having girlfriends! then maby this thread will die.

specially because is not the place for that. not against stupid threads, I likeem too, cant lie. but they belong to just conversation don`t you agree?

sweet deals i’m someones girlfriend, oh ya love you dan (borgschulze)


you guys have really good looking (and in the case of Jo who i’ve met personally, lovely) girlfriends!!

…and you both ride awesomely.

:roll_eyes: hmm… :roll_eyes:

Don’t Fake it Man!!

ride awesomely like these guys-


Tell her that she is beautiful.
She looks like a nice person too (though you can’t really tell).