"This Is It" - Teaser

Teaser video for the movie in the making - “This Is It”, a compilation film for all of the events and things that I said I’d make a movie for, but never did. This one isnt exactly up to my standard of editing, it was sorta just a what should i do on saturday night thing. The following teasers will be progressively better. Anyway, Enjoy!

rider list (as appeared in this video)
Spencer Hocheberg
Jon Atwell
Matt Sindelar
Jeff Groves
Dan Heaton
Ryan Atkins

Opening Credit courtesy of Brendan Roman.
Editing: Graham Burnett
Song: Oh No (full version): Mercenaries

Watch in HQ:

I’m looking forward to the complete video;)


thanks. Ive got a lot of ideas for the final video.

atkins still rides:)

Cool stuff! don’t forget to white-balance! interior tungsten and fluorescent lights look nasty

From what you told me, I expected complete trash :stuck_out_tongue:

It was good, can’t wait to see the finished one

ha. ha. ha. Well, i didnt feel like doing any color grading to this so whatev. The final movie will look TV professional (hopefully)

Ahaha. Yeah, i cant wait for the final one either.

but i got a lot of filming to still do.

Nice teaser! Can’t wait to see the whole thing!

Great cast of characters, looking forward to seeing it.

OH NO YOU DIDN’T lol i was going to use this song for my vid o well, but it looks good can’t wait for the vid:)

haha. Go for it man. I dont care, i’m not one of those people that get mad if you use a song thats in another video.

and yeah, well, as for cast - its kinda sketchy by meaning a real big cast. Dan/jeff/ryan were all at a uni demo, so thats all the riding i have or any video of them but whatever.

Nice. Only thing I have to say is the line with Spencer and Jon could’ve been filmed differently so we could see them both:p

Can’t wait for the full thing though!

Yeah, we were just practicing for a show we did later on…I don’t remember Graham filming that :wink:


PLEASE READ ABOUT THE CAST: The teaser cast is smaller than the real video cast. There are more people that are going to be in the video than that is in the teaser trailer.