This is for Tony, new trick

It’s the last one on there, called “360 crank turn stall”. I tried this out today. It’s not much but it’s a start.

In the next few days I’ll probably try to land a rolling 360 crank turn, with and without putting my foot down, and a rolling one where i jump up and stall on those palettes from the ground while doing it… Or maybe I’ll just sit around. :smiley:

Anyway, if I do more stuff which I’ll most likely be compelled to try, i’ll post it here. So sorry there’s not much yet, and that this is only a four palette drop (I’ll try one with more or all of my palettes), but you can check it out for now.

There are also some other variations I want to try, so who knows.

Edit: Hmm, a 720 might look cooler and be easier with more palettes too.

Very styly Zach! I like the way you don’t actually need to reach over and grab the wheel with your hand - you just lift up the unicycle and roll the wheel forward. Very cool! Plus the slow-mo’ of your video is good to see what you’re doing clearly.

This makes me think that what started out as something which I initially thought of and just did for a joke has turned into something way cooler! And this isn’t the first time that I’ve made up what looks initially to be a very silly (and almost worthless) trick which, with a bit a tweaking and extending, has turned into something very cool and innovative. So I guess the moral is get creative and try new tricks, even if they are goofy/stupid/clumsy to start with, because they can often be developed into something quite different and very cool!

Ride on!


Tony, you forgot to say “No 'nature” after your name. What does it mean anyway? What is the apostrophe for?

Zach, that is great! There could be a lot of potential in that trick.

I agree with tony that the slo-mo on the second half is a great idea! It would have been a little fast at normal speed to fully appreciate what you did.

Keep it up! :smiley:

Aha! Of course, I figured it out after reading another post by Tony which was signed No sig’.

Re: This is for Tony, new trick

I like it! I am still blown away by your 360 jump mount, in the same album. The slo mo replay on that is helpful, too.

I did my first jump mounts tonight and was mighty pleased with myself. Spinning that sucker before jumping on it is just nuts!

Keep up the research and keep the reports coming!

nice one,

I’ve always called and heard this called a 360 crank flip though. Your variation is with a footplant… I think we should call this crankflip combo something I dont know what Jeff Groves and Ryan and some of the other guys who do this trick call it but this might be a good time to start a genarally excepted term for it. Especially since footplant 360 crankflip drop is a bit long for my liking

Any ideas?

Hmm… I’ll leave the names to other people who actually invent these things. I just mess around. As for the messing around though, I’m currently trying to get my seat-out hop to two feet but after I accomplish that… or maybe before it since my right hand is blistered and bleeding (although I’m really dedicated to doing it), I’m going to try some variations on this trick because I think it could be incorporated into stuff in some really cool ways.

Dan was trying to do it just from riding without putting his foot down but you don’t get the kind of spin you get from pushing the uni out in front of you. Either way I think I’ll play around with these variations sometime.

Another thing I was thinking about was a rolling suicide mount where you run with one hand holding the seat rolling the uni on the ground in front of you and then you let go, let the uni go for a bit freely, and then jump on. Does this sound totally insane? I was thinking of trying it but that would be an intense practice session. It reminds me of the way skaters jump on their boards from running, make any sense?

bunny hops

From the videoes I’ve watched, I’ve seen a few 180s but haven’t spotted any 360s yet… Anyone know who’s got the current record for doin spins?

Anybody had a go at stairs in reverse?

I have done this trick once, and only once! It was really scary (I’m thinking bloody shins) and very committing. I did it way back in the days before I wore leg armour, so it shouldn’t (theoretically) be so scary now. I must try it again.

Pete - 720 uni-spins have been landed. I believe Andy Schwartz of TCUC was the first to land one. A few others have done them since, I think.

There will be backwards stair-riding in Universe 2. Some videos were posted on this topic a while ago…


No 'nature

Excellent Tony! Can you tell me what your “sign” to jump on was? Crank position or whatever…?

Zach - the best tip I can offer is to find a slight uphill slope to do it on. That way your uni will fall back towards you (same as setting up for a suicide mount). As for timing - similar to a rolling jump mount I guess.

Good luck!