This is Everyone

Here’s my new vid:

I hope you like it and comment if you’d like to!

bleh, sony music doesn’t allow it in Poland :confused:

bleh, sony music doesn’t allow it in Finland :confused:

Bleh, Sony doesn’t allow in Belgium :/.

Cool video. It’s nice to see a trials video and that was very well done. There was a good variety of lines.

Bleh, Sony doesn’t allow in Denmark :/.

EDIT: Please upload to vimeo :wink:

Great video, liked it a lot. Loved that indoors trials setup at the scene beginning at 0:31

wow just wow. I thought I uploaded this on my account. anyways i made this vid haha lol sorry about that

I hate vimeo. Try this:

it might help but im not sure

yep, now the music works and I didn’t like it at all ;/ awful.

riding was EPIC :slight_smile: !!!

vid works again… =D
pretty nice vid, riding was good :slight_smile: and the spots were awesome!!

thanks tim!! you should visit us here in hungary :smiley: would be awesome to ride with you

Now I can watch it too! Nice video! That’s perfect place for trials <3

great riding and very nice places!

impressive :sunglasses:

euc summer =D…
and maby I will stay some more days in hungary ^^

yeah dont know if i can make it to euc but well see and i hope so!!

Nice one guys! some great lines in there. not to mention skinnies and side hops! keep up the good work

Thanks doamono!

thanks but i dont really understand the last part?