This Is A Steal $$ Cheap $$

Hey guys, I have 2 UDC gel saddles, a custom air saddle and a 20" trials uni. I want a quick sale, at a steal of a price, $120.

I am only selling as i do not ride anymore. Pictures of the items are below.
One saddle has been taken apart, but will not take much effort to reassemble.
I only ever rode for a few months, so both saddles are in more than great condition.
The Uni has a slightly bent hub, most likely fixable. The uni has a custom air saddle on it, with disortion peds, a grind plate and DX 32 rim.

I am from Victoria, Australia.
Thanks. ;D AUD

You didnt think of like, cleaning it up a little?

since when were unis supposed to be clean? I like to know that they can handle a little dirt.

sounds good :slight_smile:

Shame i’m from UK i guess…

square taper cranks?


question, is it possible to have it cleaned then post some more pics. I am curious…

I dont normaly hesitate to get my unis dirty but I always clean them up after. If there wet I dry them, if there dirty I normaly clean and polish them, I always check all nuts are tight and true my wheel when it gets a kick. That way if something is breaking I can fix it before it gets realy bad, if something is getting loose I can tighten it before something gets damaged and my wheel is always tight and true. I polish it because it makes it look alot nicer, the dirt comes off easier after and it helps protect from water.

That uni has has probably had none of this done. It probably hasnt been cared for and probably hasnt been well maintained. It is therefore probably in a much worse state and worth alot less than it should be.

I just think when you spend about £300 on a unicycle its worth spending a few minutes here and there keeping it nice and uptogether. I would also much rather ride a clean, sweet looking uni that I know is sound than a heap of junk that could easily break of fall apart after the next crankflip or drop.

Yea you were probably joking but I dont care.

Eh, to each his own I guess. I’m mostly a Mountain Unicyclist so I don’t mind the dirt, plus nothing on my KH will rust anyway.

Its mostly dusty because i haven’t ridden for ages. What fun would it be for the buyer if it were spotless? The best part is tinkering with something you just bought.

Please PM me if interested ;D

c’mon guys make me an offer! It must be sold!

Apart from the bolts in you seatpost clamp, your hub if the paint is damaged, spokes sometimes get spots of rust, nipples corode, berrings rust and degrade and were the hub is exposed it can rust. Pretty major Things. You probably cant see these things happening though because theres too much mud and rime covering it all :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

I just like my unis to look nice once in a while, theres nothing wrong with maintaining your belongings.

my bolts are titanium, my spokes are stainless steel, my hub is powdercoated so the paint doesn’t peel. (mad rhyme)

sparky, havn’t you got anything better to do? lol.

Make an offer guys, it needs to be sold. ;]

bump. make an offer. must go.

How Much for 1 saddle?

How much will you take for the one udc gel saddle. I am in US,

Do you still have the uni and saddles for sale?

Wayne, Brisbane.

I want it, but the mum says no… (sigh)

lol. im sure mummy could do with some convincing. message me if still interested, see what we can do.