This is a pretty amazing video!

This is BIKE trails, not uni. BUT it’s the most amazing thing I’ve seen as far as trials, and it’s done on what looks like a 26" trials bike without a seat. I know it’s not uni, but I wonder because it looks like they are copying what the top uni trials guys are doing, unless this has been around longer than uni trials.

Very nice movie and I think bike trial was there before uni trial.

Peter M

neil is a beast! check out more of his vids here

And serch google video for his teamate Craig Lee Scott

First their was moto trials. Pere Pi, a deisgner for montesa motorcycles, gave his son Ot a bike to learn trials on before moving up to a motorcycle. But Ot stuck with the bike. In 1983 when sales of montesa motorcycles slumped, Pere pitched the idea of building the first production trials specific (non-motorized)bikes and thus the birth of Monty.

bike trials hasn’t really “taken off” in the US or Canada, but it is huge in Europe, and is the national sport of Japan.

Does anyone know who started uni trials? I’d think it has to be either Kris Holm or George Peck.

That link doesn’t work. “File not found” Must have removed the vids from the net.

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Amazing stuff!

A few years ago I saw a French biker doing that at the Hartford Ski Show. They said he was the World Champion. I don’t recall the missing seat but he did the trick of jumping his rear tire from one obstacle to the next. He had a female volunteer lie on her back on the floor and he balanced on his rear wheel bouncing the front wheel up and down and missing her nose by inches.

Still nothing

kris holm pioneered unitrials and muni

its amazing those guys dont constantly have pinch flats and yes hes riding a 26" trials and most of them dont have seats so you can tuck better.

I thought kris holms dad pioneered muni?

awesome vid!


Are you kidding or do you mean George Peck?

I think I meant that guy. the guy whos riding the off road UW wheel in Uni magazine. I’m probably wrong though, I didn’t read that article very well.

omg how does he does that he can do like a 5 foot jump and like a 10 foot jump across on a bike. wow that just amazes me :astonished: :astonished: :astonished: :astonished: :astonished:

this is a video of craig lee scott hes on a “mod” bike, a mod bike it a trials specific bike, it has the same size wheels as trials unicycles and pro unicyclist can NOT do some of the things people do on trials bikes because the bike alows you to hop higher becasue of the 2 wheels and also with bikes you can do what they call a “pedal kick” witch launches the bike forward and this can be extremly well done if the person is in good shape because the can control the front wheel to go down level almost with the rear wheel and then it gives them more power for further jumps.

Here is the link to the video:

it’s amazing how pinch flat resistant a good downhill tire is. But bike trials riders still get plenty of em. Not having a seat also gives you more breathing room to bail and not nut yourself on the bike.

Yeah, very gutsy! It amazes me how a much heavier bike can jump so much higher and farther than a unicycle. It’s all in the lever effect…

I’m pretty sure baseball is still enjoying a slight lead in Japan… :stuck_out_tongue:
And, not to sound annoying, I bet there are a lot more unicyclists than Trials bicyclists there.

I’d have to say Kris Holm is the “father” of Unicycle Trials. He’s the author of the international rules, and we look to him for the updates. But people may have been doing it before then. I first heard of Trials for unicycles from Bruce Bundy and David Poznanter. In 1996 or 97 they “discovered” downhill tires, namely the Gazzalodi, for unicycles. This opened up new possibilities of what the unicycle could handle. They started going to Bike Trials events.

This gave me the idea to do a Trials event at the 1998 CA MUni Weekend. It was pretty crude, just using the natrual terrain of a rocky lake shore, but it’s the first Unicycle Trials competition I’m aware of. 1998 was also Kris Holm’s first appearance at a unicycle event (MUni Weekend); the first time he’d ever ridden with other unicyclists! Kris won the event.

Then, in 1999 he was one of the primary guys in charge of what may have been the first “proper” Unicycle Trials competition, at the USA Convention at the Snoqualmie Pass in Washington. I had the honor of managing second place to Kris’ first, riding the course in a lightning storm!

George Peck is considered by many to be the “grandfather” of rough terrain unicycling. He was doing Trials-type stuff before most of you ever thought of unicycling offroad. But, uh, now he’s into Bike Trials. Go figure!

wow, that is a pretty amasing video, really! those guys are pretty freaky, i have always wanted to get one of those bikes but tey are quite expensive i hear.

isn’t he giacomo coustelier,vincent hermance or marc caisso ?

this guy is mad, his jumps are so long :astonished:

speaking of bike videos

amazing stuff.

:astonished: :astonished: :astonished: :astonished: :astonished: :astonished: :astonished: :astonished: holy moly how do they do that :astonished: :astonished: thats crazy