This is a cliche question, but please help me out.

I realize that this question has been asked too many times, but I hope that I have a suitable excuse.

I currently own a piece-of-shit 20" eBay unicycle. Over the last four weeks it has been falling apart, and has had to be welded numerous times. Today, during another welding session half the pedal melted. I can’t replace the pedals without replacing the cranks, because they are both stripped and welded together. It’s not worth spending the money.

I need a new unicycle, but I can’t decide what I should get. All I can pretty much do at the moment is go forward (and turn) for as long as I need to, and freemount. I’d like to learn some tricks, but I also find my 20 inch painstakingly slow. I need it to be able to cope with dirt roads (my cheap one did that fine though). And finally, I don’t want to spend more than $400AU (let’s say $370US to account for the difference).

I had intended to wait for my birthday to see what kind I would get, but that’s 5 months away. (<- my excuse)

I’m 14, with an inseam of ~32 inches. Thank you everyone, in advance.

Yes, there are a lot of discussion about this subject but 19" trials for all sort of trick-containing stuff and bigger wheels for more speed. Just watch some uni videos and try to find out which kind of riding you like to most right now and get a proper uni for that. Later you might find that you need 3+ wheels but don’t worry about that yet.

That $400 should be enough for a decent and durable unicycle from There are also some unis available in the trading post if you decide to get it second hand!

Thanks. I’ll do some youtubing. I’m considering a 24" nimbus (II, muni or trials), but I’m still open to suggestions.

26" nimbus muni or 26" qu-ax muni. 24" and 26" sizes are only marginally different, but tyre choices are better for 26". There’s no reason you cant learn all the same tricks on this wheel size. Swap out for a slicker tyre if you really care, but that’s not necessary.

26 inch does sound like a good idea. The 26 nimbus muni is the same price as the 24 anyway. Will I still have decent flexibility and maneuverability? Thanks for the reply.

They are pretty much the same, tire and crank lenght make much more difference to maneuverability and handling than the 2" difference between the wheel size. But many people prefer the 24" over 26" when riding more technical muni or street.

Okay then. I’ll get the nimbus 26, and if I don’t think it’s maneuverable enough I’ll get some longer cranks. I’ll probably upgrade to moments at some point anyway.

Thanks to all of you for the replies. See you around.