This is 2simpl - Žiga Sternad - Downhill unicycling

This is getting addictive, i just love making movies. watch this, comment, share :slight_smile:

This video was filmed before going to UNICON (World Championship) in Italy.
Žiga Sternad || rider, camera, edit
Nejc Schneider, Rok Šuster || camera
Thanks to my sponsor || 2simpl ( || and to Specialized Bike Park Pohorje.
Music || Nneka - Heartbeat (Chase & Status Remix)

Awesome muni video! :sunglasses:

I spent some time replaying the rolling hop at 1:39. Looks like you spun the wheel 180 degrees in mid-flight. It took a while to figure that out since you were going so fast. And the re-positioning before the jump was nice. Now I have some new things I can try to learn. :slight_smile:

Awesome dude! Your riding is nice, fast and flowy :smiley:

Is the line at 1:06 speed up? Line at 1:38 is so sick! Berm at 1:56 is also realy nice and fast :slight_smile:

Thanks for the replies :slight_smile:
No, there are no speed-ups in this video, except where I’m changing the tyre. unibabyguy, yea it’s a great thing to learn. It gives you speed over the roots and drops so the ride is more fluent. I’m glad you like the video :slight_smile:

I like this video a lot!
This is the style I like to ride too, next to street!
great, great speed, nice edit too!

Thanks :sunglasses:

hey ziga, great vid. you are going to salzkammerguttrophy, arent you? looking forward to meet you there again and go for a nice downhill ride :slight_smile:

I’m not sure about this year’s Salzkammergut, but i would really like to come. Hope to meet you there :wink:

Wow, amazing muni stuff, very inspiring :slight_smile:

Nice wooden stick you’ve got there :smiley:

Hehe you’re not the only one who noticed, but i think it came up well :smiley: Little ductape and a random wooden stick and you save some money :roll_eyes: Thanks for the compliment

I think this is my all time favourite muni video! :smiley:

I want your trails!!!

… and your skills!

Really awesome video! Can’t think of any better muni video!

Best free unicycle video I see this year!
Now I want a muni (who could give me money? :roll_eyes: )

Best free unicycle video I see this year!
Now I want a muni (who could give me money? :roll_eyes: )

Awesome video, loved it :slight_smile:

Wow! Loved everything - the filming, the editing, the music and obviously the riding itself. Amazing the flow you manage to keep in all these techy sections. Great stuff!
I am glad you are getting addicted to making videos - looking forward to the next one!!

Next short video (riding with Gregor Paul from Swiss) will come out next week, don’t miss it :slight_smile: After UNICON I’m planning something really extreme.
I’m glad you like it! :sunglasses: