THIS IS 20" TRIALS... Just watch it! World Champ casual riding

Video really speaks for itself! The smoothness and simple go-huge factor is inspiring. IMO, Benito and his friend can both be pretty creative and ‘streety’ if they want to be. Not just your usual hop hop hop same old moves.

A mod bike in the hands of a certain type of rider is a pretty deadly weapon.

If this video inspires you to start up trials, feel free to PM me any questions!

Too bad Vimeo doesn’t work on my iPod :frowning: I know that Benito Ros is pretty deadly on his mod. I got myself a mod a few months ago for really cheap, I ride it really rarely but last weekend I rode it more than usual! Once I got back on my uni though I wasn’t really thinking about going back on my bike after this! Unicycling FTW :stuck_out_tongue:

youtube link for you guys

awesome riding in here, its crazy how high those guys can jump

Cool, thanks for uploading a YT link.

In the mean time, if you liked that 20" vid have a glance over this one:

Action is slower paced, as it’s on a bigger less flicky bike… but there’s sidehops floating around the 160cm mark, 11ft or so static gaps, and overall huge riding from one of England’s best urban riders.

Naturally though, stocks have the edge to go a little bigger than mod.


this video was filmed from my friends, that live in girona and did a trip for euskalerria!

is a good video but i prefer they funny bike trials videos!

Alright, who’s going to take the fork of one of these mini-wheeled trials bikes?

Nice video and a pleasant surprise for me, this video was filmed in my city, Vitoria-Gasteiz. I hadn´t seen it. Thanks!

wow man, thoos guy’s are gooooood!!:slight_smile: