This guy facebooked me...if anyone is interested...

I referred him to NYUC but just in case no one there is interested I thought I would post it here. Here is the message, for NYC folks…(I don’t know if it’s legit or not)
My name is Rob Sullivan and I am a casting director in New York. I am currently casting a NON-SAG project for Microsoft. It shoots on June 29th and or June 30th. We are looking for an EXPERT unicyclist with an animated personality - someone who is comfortable in front of the camera.
The compensation will be $500 for the shoot day.
Please contact me at this email address or at 732-771-6923 as soon as possible if you are interested, or know of anybody that would be interested in auditioning.

Thanks in advance!"

Does anyone know what Billy really looks like? Is he a real person? ;):p:D

He’s no person, he’s a supercomputer with human-like thought functions.

“Humanlike?” :roll_eyes: :wink:

He’s a Mountain. It’s obvious once you see it.

he’s a supercomputer in Cheyenne Mountain, a top secret NORAD computer.

I think he has malfunctioned, lost his primary directive and is trying to destroy JC. Fortunately the “Billy” virus has not spread to RSU!:smiley:

Ugh. Am I the only one who would prefer that unicycling not be associated with microsoft in any way?

I got an email from another one of the casting directors. I’ll be down there this morning, and my bro is going to be there a bit later. I’m not sure what to expect. I’ll lyk.

Good, thanks David for keeping us posted. Hopefully it will be legit and “good” represetation of unicyclists.

lol, +1

I’d prefer that such valueless manipulative devices were ineffective.

I went to an audition or two when I lived in NY. The problem with being not sure what to expect is that you kill a day in the process. I would have to miss a day of work in the process, traveling in and out from Long Island. I “auditioned” for a McDonald’s commercial once, but the part was based on reading a script while idling, not unicycling. Opposite of what I was told by the guy that recruited me, though it was probably what he was told. They were looking for an actor on a unicycle, not a unicyclist. Which means the person will be picked mostly on looks, which would basically rule me out of most situations. I idled on electrical cables, in a tiny space, while reading the copy. They said “THANK you.” Then I gave the “agent” a piece of my mind…

So those things are totally hit or miss; you never know what they’re going to want, and it seems they’ll never tell either. Good luck Centurion (and your bro)!

And you typed that message using what OS? If I was willing to do a McDonalds ad in the 80s, I guess I’m willing to be a PC for Microsoft in the 00s. Because my Mac is a PC (with Parallels)! :slight_smile:

But in the case of Microsoft it’s already too late. They had a picture of two jousting unicyclists in one of their recruitment brochures in the 90s. And the picture was taken on the Microsoft campus in Redmond!

Debian GNU/Linux, of course. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sigh…nothing is sacred…


Okay, you’re clean. Are those cheaper than Windows? :wink:

Don’t forget, back in those days Microsoft was a hot property and a very cool place to work. This was before IE started trying to “own” the Internet…