This evening's Tsunami relief effort benefit event...

Greetings everyone! This evening my brother and I are doing a brief (5 min) unicycling “demo” during a fundraising event for the Red Cross and Tsunami relief effort. Attached is a zipped document outlining what we are planning to do. If anyone has any last-minute comments/suggestions, it would be appreciated :slight_smile:

BTW, we hope to post info/pics of the event in the next couple of days as well…

unicycling (5.66 KB)

For those of you who don’t want to DL and unzip the document, here it is:

5-Minute Unicycle Routine
Cameron & Malcolm Donaldson
January 22, 2005

[Unicycle on stage already with props as well]

Good evening Ladies & Gentlemen… Unicycling is one of the latest sports to become popular around the world. Seen for years only at the circus, unicycles can now be found on mountain trails, city boulevards, and tonight at this fundraiser for the Red Cross and Tsunami relief effort.

Please welcome for the first time ever on stage in Cochrane; Cameron Donaldson.
[Enters in wearing baggy clothes over full crash armor]

Not only is unicycling great fun, riding is also an excellent workout for both the body and the mind!

The first technique which needs to be mastered when learning to unicycle is the mount. At first glance, the unicycle may seem to be quite confusing!!!
[Cameron demonstrates the various ways not to mount]

Remember, mounting a unicycle is much different then mounting a horse, and motorcycle, or the humble bicycle!
[Removes baggy outer clothes to reveal the full crash regalia. Look of recognition comes over face, and quickly mounts flawlessly…rides short way…dismounts]

Now, Cameron has made this look easy, to say the least…Anyone who has ever tried to unicycle for the first time; know it’s isn’t!

However, mounting is only the beginning…Riding is also a trick of it’s own.
[Rides in figure-8 and then gracefully dismounts]

Now for those Bugs Bunny “Low Bridge” moments…
[Stomach on seat riding]

Gotta wait for a car, dog, other slow object??? Here’s a way to wait, without having to face trying to “remount” again once the way is clear!!!s

But idling is nothing…try doing it with only one foot for a real challenge. Do you think he can do it??? Let’s give him some encouragement…….
[Idling one foot]

In a hurry to get somewhere??? Try riding like this…you’re always ahead of yourself
[Seat in back riding]

Here’s the perfect high energy (hyperactive) alternative waiting technique. Also, the perfect aerobic workout!!!

Or how about the super-high-energy waiting method!!!

Riding along one day, minding your own business… Someone calls out a comment, just hop around and pound ‘em before they get away!
[180 hop]
Oh yea, we do use 180’s for more constructive things as well :-p

And speaking of comments: Before we go this evening, I’d like to answer a few “questions”.
Where’s your other wheel?
a. My brother’s fell behind the fridge, and well, I got mine on a half-off sale!
Is that hard to ride?
b. Yea, otherwise the rest of you guys would be doing it
Can you do a back flip on that thing?
c. Not on purpose!

[Can Crushing]

Well, the event is now “history”; and went well in our opinion. We’ll try to post pics/video as soon as we can…