This doesn't happen on a bike!

I was out on my MUni yesteday, when it tree branches started to close in on the trail. Where it wouldn’t have affected most bikers, due to my more erect posture, my head was in amongst the branches.

That’s OK, I thought, I’ll just weave and bob my head. At this point a branch stuck into my helmet vent, and pulled me up and off my ride.

No spectators:D


i found that you can get thru most of the same places a bike can if you lean forward. without much trouble you can get to the same angle as a biker, plus, you can use your free fands to move branches out of the way. i was on a trail a couple of days ago that was very thin, and i could definitely see the advantages on not having handlebars–i could stick out my hands when the trail was thinner than my hips and move them out of the way to get thru

May I suggest ducking next time Sofa?

I nearly did something similar a while back… going through a small foresty bit near my house I was so busy looking at the ground (very bumpy!) that I nearly didn’t notice a large branch straight across the path at about waist height. Could have been nasty! Luckily I saw it just in time, grabbed it and possibly engaged in the first ever uni-limbo to get under it…

Phil, just me

This doesn’t happen on a bike!

To paraphrase Phil:

“Machetes solve most of life’s little problems.”

And you thought hacking was something you did with a computer…

Sometimes bobbing and weaving is alot more fun than ducking.

Sometimes you get yanked off. (no bad jokes, please)

Re: This doesn’t happen on a bike!

I’m sure if used imaginatively cattle prods can hack through trees too, somehow…

Phil, just me

I must agree that weaving and bobbing is much more fun than ducking. It also makes any spectator think “wow, look at that style!”

Why I like ducking.

RE: This doesn’t happen on a bike!

> Why I like ducking.

I hate when the branch is a little lower than you thought it was. Can you
say handlebar sandwich?

Sure we unicyclists have it better, but we can’t crouch down much beyond
where the seat is, unless we “dwarf ride” with the seat in front. But mostly
we just bend down and try to ride under obstacles. The Camelback is a vast
improvement over the “spine scrape” I used to get before I had one, but
having it just makes my back that much higher…


If you don’t see it soon enough this can happen.

Video clip:

It’s hard to see but there is a branch sticking out at about waist height and my weave didn’t work, BTW the branch is no longer sticking out :slight_smile:



that was a nice splat you had kinda looked like the cops were after ya,or a wild animal…what a speed demon

Sorry, I couldn’t see the branch either…

I’ll take your word for it though!:slight_smile:

It doesn’t look like you actually hit anything?

I missed the branch but hit the floor :slight_smile:

I saw the branch at the last minute, tried to alter course and UPD’d. I may have missed it anyway without any course correction (it didn’t stick out that far) but then I couldn’t have had a laugh at myself on video (OK I didn’t need to UPD, any video of myself will do :D).