this blows....

theres no unicycling/juggling/whatever club in my area(hamilton, ontario canada). i kno one other person who unis but hes not into it like i am. im on mine every day hes on his once a month…maybe. any ideas on how i could start a club or something. thanks in advance.


I know exactly how you feel. There isn’t another unicyclist within 40 miles of me and I always have to ride alone because none of my friends try to ride it often enough. ‘redhead’ on this forum lives about 30 minutes south of me and I’ve never ridden with him before.

But finally I have a car and I can come down next weekend to ride with him/you.

print some flyers and put it in some local bike shops and hopefully that should help find some other unicyclist.

Get your butt down here Joe! NOW!

ya her ein edmonton they ahve a club but they suck so yea…

wow. the most i’ve seen you do is flame everyone and anyone…
that’s not how you make friends, and its not cool on this forum.

just letting you know. so stop it.

and to be on task, fliers are the way to go. put them in bike shops and on any public bulletin board you can find. I met alchemicfrederick, and also his brother, and family, and we/i have been putting up fliers, and we’re thinking of starting a club up here.

Try to get some of your friends to learn; start your own group…




i’m putting that in my siggy!

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A Vaccuum.

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ill drink to that.

where do u buy them

hi dude im looking to buy a unicycle i realy like them i also live in hamilton but i dont no where to buy them can you tell me o and also were in hamilton do u live u dont have to say im just curious but where did u get the unicycle and how much are they

You’re close enough to Toronto to show up at Bedford unicycles, best spot in canada to pick up a uni.

wat is the price for a begining unicycle send the prices to me plz thanx

I believe you should visit the site and read his price list, maybe send the guy an email. I shouldn’t have to do that work for you, it’ll only take you about five minutes. Stop being so lazy! Darren will answer any questions you have, and he gets paid to do so. I don’t :V

i tried to download it but it didnt work