Third video

Heres out third video in three months back in May 06. It has Brian Lundgren from defect in it which is pretty cool but he only does one grind on a table that we found.
Comments or criticizm sp yeah here it is.
Torkerdx is in it.
And my brothers torker dx frame broke so dont get one, heres the proof.

Nice video man!
I like that rewarded bc-wheeling :smiley:

Dude, I must really need to get out and practice! You have only been riding 3 months (about as long as me) and are 10x better.
Awesome video! I loved the stairs you hopped down- how many was it?

haha i was about to ask you how the frame of your torker dx held up…and then it broke

Thanks. In the video my brother jumped a six-set.

Yeah it broke a while after when one of my friends was trying to do a 360 one footer.

its wierd… my dx frame broke when i was riding normally? hah idk how that happened

yeah my friends broke when ge was jumping off of something. There must have been a really big problem with the frames for them to break so easily.