Third Annual Issaquah Ride and Feed

Again this year Tom Blackwood and his family hosted the Issaquah Ride and Feed. Tom, Marie, and Miles go to alot of trouble to make food for riders and organize a couple of rides, some trials stunts, and various juggling acts. There were 15 to 20 participants who varied in age from 3 to 53.

Bruce Dawson and Irene Genelin rode Cokers some 30 miles over to Tom’s place and then did the trail ride. Irene, having ridden 62 miles the day before, spent lots of time in the hot tub and hammock after the ride with some lame saddle-soreness excuse. Bruce has only a few more training days before the 200+ mile Seattle to Portland Ride next weekend.

George Pendergast brought over a set of sturdy trials stunts on which we were all able to injure ourselves. Abram Clark and Bruce brought juggling clubs to pass during chow time. As always it was a great success, lots of fun, and reiterated for all of us the Blackwoods’ limitless hospitality.

Thank you, Blackwoods. Hopefully some pictures will appear. I know Irene has some in her blog.

Re: Third Annual Issaquah Ride and Feed

I’ll try to upload to my gallery sometime in the next day.

Greg, not sure if you were still there, but the other noteworthy event of the day was George’s first giraffe ride…followed very shortly by George’s first successful freemount. Then his next, and next, and next ad nauseum. He actually learned two versions…one with the first step on the tire, and one going directly to pedal.

For the rest of us there that actually OWN giraffes and still haven’t mastered the freemount, you can imagine our umbrage.

George who? I don’t know anybody named George who makes me sick anymore.

My vote for dismount goes to JC with his body plant off of the dirt/log drop. That was a thirty or forty point landing…very well distributed.

George (who I no longer know) tried to ride the dock rail. Failing the mount, he bailed to the safe side not realizing that his uni would go the opposite direction…into the water. He learned that MUni’s float. I enjoyed seeing him scramble over the rail quickly to retrieve it. He could be quite swift when I still knew him before he could freemount a giraffe everywhich way he wanted.

Watching Jeff Sloan do the full loop on the double log ride was cool, too. Ride a moss covered log, rotate 90 onto a 3/8" thick plywood bridge that might support the weight of a hamster, cross the short bridge, 90 onto the second log and ride it all the way back.

My vote too. And it’s all here, captured on video. Those that know JC will appreciate how rare this footage is, especially given the rather simplistic nature of the stunt he’s riding.

Gallery of Ride 'n Feed photos and videos:

I missed George’s dock ride and uni swimming session. Had I known what he was about to do on MY giraffe, I would have pushed him in myself.

When I think about the fun party and riding, it’s kind of amazing that I would never have met ANY of these cool local riders had I not found the Moab MuniFest by accident on Google in 2003, then decided to get a wild hare up my *$$ and just fly there with all of a month or two of riding under my belt. That led to meeting Rolf who introduced me to JC, who connected me with the other Seattle locals, who introduced me to trials and cokering and giraffes and generally the whole obsession thing.

I love Riding and Feeding. I love the Internet, and I love Moab.

The Blackwoods rock! Tom, Marie, and Miles know how to host a wonderful party. I am very fortunate that they made the date of the Ride ‘N Feed when I was in town. I have posted some pictures, along with a write up on my blog. You might have to page down a bit, as I have been posting a lot lately.

Thanks so much T, M, and M!


Holy crap! JC, you show that ground whose boss!


That was quite the belly flop. :slight_smile:
That’s what happens when you try to launch off of a jump and land in a hole with the pedals vertical. My ribs were actually a little sore after that. All better now. Fortunately it was a soft landing.

Harper won the luckiest crash of the day. Unfortunately it wasn’t captured on camera.