thinking of selling my trials.

since i hardly ride anymore, i’m thinking of selling my trials unicycle. and getting something more versatile.

how much do you think its worth?

nimbus II (old style with ovalised tubing.) frame.
profile hub with 145 cranks.
19" alex dx32 rim, onza tyre.
kh seat.
oddyessy twisted pc pedals.
g-sport “gland” grind gaurd on hub.

its not in as new condition, the left crank is all scratched from grinding. the left pedal is flat, and the seat cover is a bit shabby.

i’ve not been doing much trials for a long time since my hands are too precious to land on.

i still want to keep unicycling, and i’m thinking of getting something with a slick tyre and 127mm splined cranks instead.

so how much do you think i could get for it? realisticly,
i havent decided for sure yet if i’m going to sell it.

Man I need some profile cranks…

I don’t know what the condition is on your hands but I’m sure you’ll be geeting back into trials sooner or later…

Give it a few more months…

Btw: Are you ever droppin’ by Montreal again?

thanks for the concern, but actualy theres no problem with my hands, and i want it to stay that way.

ive kind of made a decision that contact juggling is more my thing than unicycling.

ive become fairly good at contact over the past few years(even if i say it myself!).and i recently got hired by cirque du soliel to train some people in the art. (finished now)

falling off somthing and hurting my wrist would suck.

btw: i’m in montreal now!
i’ll be at the jaq meeting tomorrow if your there

HOLY!! you sohuld send me e-mails!!
No, I won’t be there tomorrow on account of I’ll be in france.

Will you still be here for the weekend after next? If you’re not into trials then it’s good. I need to practise my freestyle anyways (not to mention juggling that I seem to have stopped practising).

How much is shipping to the US…:stuck_out_tongue:

here till january,

i announced my presense here in the forum, you must have been ofline that day.

i havent done any unicycling for ages
i still got skills tho…

I’m sure of that…hey! WAIT! if you’re selling your Trials…Oh DAMN!! I already have one!

Ummm…could you sell me your saddle and seat-post clamp?:stuck_out_tongue:

and maybe the grind guard…

And the pedals…

Illa take the cranks and hub…

it’s settled then

Unless you change your mind…

Re: thinking of selling my trials.

Where do you plan on getting the 127 mm cranks?


Dude! Hello! Scroll up a half a page! DIBZ’d

Edit: I think Quacks makes 127’s.

Fine: Qu-ax

That is so not Dib’z. If you had said “I want the hub and cranks” or “I want it” or something. But no “Man I need some profile cranks…” That don’t qulify fool. I gots the dibz0r’s

i said i wanted to sell it, not give it away;)
stop squabling or i’ll sell it in germany.

and i want to sell it in one peice if possible.
too the highest bidder. dutch aution style.
lets talk monney!

you can pm me an offer and i’ll get back to you with a “yes”, “no” or “i need more time to think.”
how about that?

but more than anything i just want to know how much a second-hand trials uni sells for.

Re: Re: thinking of selling my trials.

roger has some 127mm qu-ax cranks to fit kh hubs.
or the qu-ax.

havent decided yet.

i might want the rim


i’m not selling it.
i like it after all. i went out to the park and jumpped arround a bit, ive lost a bit of skill from not practicing for 6 months, but no too badly.

See you next week then!

the Torker DX has a splined hub with 127mm cranks. its a great wheel for freestyle and mixing in a little trials.

obie, dont worry Catboy doesnt have any money anyway.