Thinking of my KH29, Anyone interested?

Its still in really good condition, and I’m planning on getting it tune up.

The bad things about the uni:
-The seat post is really short
-The seat post is really scratched up because of a clamp i use to attach my handle bars (Which I will include)

I still havent decided on what I want to sell it for, so if anyones interest, make me an offer.

how much are oyu selling it for ?

As I said, im not sure yet. I’m thinking like $500.00 CAD obo

oh thats too much for me Ima just get a 24’’

yeah… not sure if you could get a buyer for that price seeing as it is only like 100 more to get a brand new one… might get offers at 400 to 450 though… i would even think about it then. the 29’s are so fun to ride!