thinking of making a tall unicycle


right things i allready have

old unicycle, square tapper hub
my dad has lots of steel tubing at work
my dad can weld and we have a whole enginering(sp) works at our hands

things i will need to buy

bearing holders, 2 sets (4 in tota)
seat post clamps
new axel/hub
cranks with sprockets

what i plan to do

1)take the seat out of old unicycle
2)make tube that spilts in to fork, forks hold bearing holders
3) repeat stage 2
4) put new hub in the middle of the two newly created forks
5) attach new long seat post fork thing on to unicycle
6)tighten seat post as much as possible, lots of extra weight
7)attach cranks, cogs and chain
8) put seat on top of it all
9) test it out

im not sure this will work

i will post pics of what i mean soon

thats gonna work for sure, unless you screw something up but it sounds like you will do fine.

good luck:)

has anybody done this?

if you have can you please post some pics they will help lots

thanks a bunch