THinking of getting a new muni

Ok my schwin is starting to fall apart on me. so i am looking to buy a new unicycle. I want a muni. I was thinking either a nimbus or a torker dx. I have a felling that if i go with the nimbus i will end up breaking it pretty quick because im doing 10 inch hops already and thats what it is rated for where as i have heard of the torker dx doing 5 foot drops. Now for size i was at first thinking a 26 incher because i find my 24inch schwin to be slow but i have put 24 inch on the posibilities list because i figure it will be easier to handle and be a little faster with the bigger tire. I also thought about getting a 29 inch muni because of the speed and i could then ride it to school. I was just wondering if you guys have any other suggestion for a muni under 250 dollars. And if you could comment on size choices and durability of parts.

o yeah the terain i will be riding on is fire trail type trails, single track and some dirtbike/4wheeler trails.

for your budget I’d say a DX. It’ll hold up mighty fine for MUni. 24" will be fine for what you’ll use it for.

I don’t know how long youve been riding, but if your pretty new, chances are youll want to go bigger. you can get a surley conendrum at for a ridicuoasly cheap price and it’s only $10 over your price

that surly is only the frame so i can’t afford that. and i am lining towards the dx but i think i might want to go bigger.

I think the DX is definitely the best choice for you.

I think the Dx may be overkill and not ideal for what you desribe. Roger Davies says he has droped 3 ft. many times on a Nimbus trials, similar setup, w/o any problems. So I think a Nimbus 26" muni may suit you better. It will last much longer if you always roll out of drops, hop and drop w/ alternating feet forward, and keep the spokes tight.

You if you bend those cranks try these or even these. Or you could go streight to splined hub and it would still be very reasonably priced. Nimbus 26" Muni $219 + KH Moment hub and cranks $136 = $355, by far the least expensive way to go for a really strong 26" Muni.

Also look at Torker AX 29" (I think I’ve seen it on ebay for $175, but hears one for $190) or Nimbus 29