thinking of buying a trials uni

ive been riding a 20" learner for 5 years and ive got good at spins bunny hops and stuff and ive been wondering if its a good idea for me to buy a trials uni .I ride mostly on my street and pavement ,Is it a good idea to buy a trial uni ¿?¿?

if life is a bowl of cherries is death a pile of parsnips ¿ :thinking: ¿

mate! 5 years with a standard, how do u cope? go a trials for sure

oh yeah, i noticed your in australia, where abouts?


I would say that you don’t need a trials unless you are actualy doing trials. If you aren’t doing big jumps and hops then you are fine with a freestyle.

If it’s a learner, then I say ride until it’s on the verge of breaking. You don’t need a trials unicycle unless you do things that would break your current one.