thinking of a 36"

I am 50 yrs old and been riding a 24" Uni since the age of 10. It hangs in my garage and a few times a year I get it down to ride the length of the driveway then hang it back up. I like the idea of a 36" Nimbus and wonder what I could expect upon trying it out the first time. Please comment if you have any experience.

Welcome, 36ers are a really nice ride.
I bought a 36er last year after mainly riding a 19, 24 and once in a while a 29.
I don’t know how tall you are but I’m going to assume you are tall enough to manage a 36er. The biggest thing I’d question is if you only ride a coupe times a year and a very short distance each time is it worth getting a 36er or do you hope the big wheel will prompt more riding.
Whatever your decision. happy riding.

I 6’ and I think I would ride more often if I could travel a further distance.

I have been riding a 24" muni for a few years, and got my first 36", a Nimbus, this past June.

It is surprisingly not too hard to ride at first. The hardest part is just getting on the thing, but it doesn’t take too long to get the hang of that either.

Trust me, it is addicting. When your legs are about to give out from exhaustion, you’ll want to keep riding just because it is so much fun!

I’d say go for it!

I predict a 3-phase approach:
Phase 1: oh my god, no way :astonished:
Phase 2: wow, that’s amazing :slight_smile:
Phase 3: Hooray! :smiley:

While phase 1 will last for a couple of minutes, phase 2 will take some days. Then phase 3 starts, which won’t end too soon.

I got one recently. It’s actually easier to balance. Took only 30mins to get used to it. And it’s fast, you can move at a pace approaching a slow, cruising bicycle.

I’m only 5’3", and find the rolling mount easier than the static mount.

a 36 is a whole new beast compared to a 24. You are sitting quite a bit higher and the wheel has much more momentum. Once you get over those two things though it is just like riding a small unicycle but faster.

I say go for it. Start with 150mm or longer cranks and spring for a handle as once you get past the arm waving stage they can help with stability.

Most importantly of all: have fun!

I’m 48, and I ride my 36 more than any of my other unis. It is capable of steady progress at decent speeds for long distances - which means I can get out and about, do a bit of exploring, and get “slow burn” exercise. It is less frantic than the 24, but more fun than a bicycle.

The 36 is capable of some quite serious cross country and is surprisingly versatile; the only limitations arise when your route or your style of riding requires frequent changes of speed or direction, when it can become tiring.

I bought my first 36 when I was 40 something, and was riding a 24 and a 26 regularly. First thoughts when it came out of the box were, “Crikey! What have I bought?” The first ride was quite alarming. Within a week I was easily riding it for 5 - 10 miles in an evening.

I sold my first one because by that time I had about 8 unis, and was using it less often than the others, mainly because I preferred pushing myself hard on the 24. However, I soon missed it and I bought another.

Don’t be afraid of it. A 36" uni is great fun.

Get the 36er you wont be disappointed, the only thing you might want until you get used to the speed is some wrist guards, just in case.

This quote from Mikefule, says a lot for me re: the 36"

“The 36 is capable of some quite serious cross country and is surprisingly versatile; the only limitations arise when your route or your style of riding requires frequent changes of speed or direction, when it can become tiring.”

If you plan to ride around your neighborhood with lots of distractions like kids, dogs, numerous intersections, traffic etc. then the 36" can be a real beast to get around on. You may spend as much time remounting as riding.

I’m a smaller statured rider, so free mounting is a bit of a chore for me on the 36, so I guess thats where my opinion comes from. As a taller rider you may be able to step up into the uni as opposed to having to leap up into the seat each time and remouting may not be an issue for you.

As an open road cruiser the 36 for me is the way to go, but for around town I’m sure I would be much happier with a 29".

Bottom line though as Saskie says. “Have fun”.

No brainer!!
The larger u go, the more fun u have. Once u ride one, u can ride them all. A few minutes to acclimate yourself is all that’s necessary.
Approach it with a can do attitude and you’ll be loving it sooner than u expect.
Take a peak at my 36er youtube vid to get an idea of how versatile they are.
On the first page at,

Have FUN!!!

The one thing I disliked about my 36er when I first got it: My first rides were absolutely terrifying. On the second day I thought it would be fun to take it for a 5 mile loop. It was fast and exhilarating… but I felt like I was going to be catapulted off at some point.

Obviously that went away in a few days. I was able to take it for a 50 miler the next week, as evidence for the improvement. It’s pretty much the only unicycle I ride anymore.

it’s all I ride, except when I travel and can only fit the 29".