Thinking about getting back into it

I got my first unicyle 24 years ago and have been riding sporadically,
at best, for the last 19. I’m in the Navy, married with 7 kids, and
just never seem to have time anymore. I do still have the 24" Myiata
Flamingo I bought in 1991 (my best unicycle, so far) and am thinking
of getting back into it. My ship deploys next year and I’m thinking
of bringing my uni with me to ride during port visits. Any other
riders in Norfolk, Va, or Elizabeth City, NC area? Meeting new people
who ride would be a good way to get back into it.
-Jamie Lunsford

Its great to hear that you’re looking to pick it up again. There is a unicycling roster for the world online that will give you a rough idea of any riders (and if they took the time to sign up they may have friends that are not listed that also ride). Check it out and welcome back :slight_smile:

I am a retired Marine in the Camp Lejeune area. If you come this way let me know I would be happy to ride with you.