Thinking about getting a freestyle uni

I’m looking into purchasing a freestyle unicycle.

I really like the wheel with the blue rim in the nimbus II 20 but it comes with a crummy saddle and a chrome frame that I dislike. (Also I’d prefer a flat crown frame for easier foot on frame tricks.)

Anybody got something that they think might be of interest to me?

I’ve got a freestyle uni I repaired a few months ago. I could sell it for pretty cheap since it has a square taper hub and a repaired frame. It’s a Trials Equinox frame but I changed it so the clearance is just enough for a freestyle tire (the dimensions are the same as the Nimbus Eclipse).

I can take pictures next weekend when I’ll be home. I’ll send you the specs also, I dont remember exactly how it’s built. I rode it a few times and I really dislike the freestyle uni haha, it’s a sign that Trials and muni is for me I guess :stuck_out_tongue:

I could probably do it around 175$ or sonething. I’d have to check shipping though.

I’ll PM you pictures next weekend!

Sounds very interesting to me, I’ll be waiting…


Pm me your email adress! I’ll send you pictures and specs :slight_smile:

Hey im trying trying to sale my trials. ill go ahead and tell you the wheel is pink. other than that. KH DK frame, KH Freeride seatpost, KH freestyle seat, KH isis hub (blue), 19.5 Creepy crawler tire.

Sorry, I’m looking for a freestyle uni.

Unfortunately I’m too short to ride the uni offered by Jakob so I’m still looking.