Thinking about buying a Nimbus II

For christmas around 3-4 years ago I got a basic unicycle, one of the bog standard 20" learner ones, learnt to ride it and then got bored and put it in the garage for a couple years.

I’m now at University and have joined the juggling society and really want to get back into doing unicycling, but don’t think my old uni really cuts it, as I want to get into doing trial and street stuff.

I know a guy from another forum who is selling a Nimbus II Anniversary, this one:

He’s one of these people who buys things on the whim and then ends up not liking it and selling it, so he has only had it about 3 weeks.
He upgraded the tire to a maxxis high roller and also put new pedals on too.

Is the £60 he is asking a good price, personally i think it sounds like a bargain but I thought I’d check here first.

Look forward to your opinions,

Any opinions guys?

Any opinions would be appreciated guys?
Worth it?
Not worth it?