Things to trade for a 36, 20, or 24

I have decided that there are things here that I havent touched in a while and I’d be willing to part with them for a used 36, 24 or 20
2 guitars, one cheap electric and a Cort Earth acoutsic, small fender practice amp, stand for 2, a korg tuner one soft case and cable and other misc guitar stuff… Both JUST restrung 1 month ago
An Orion 130mm Space Probe telescope… Newtonian reflector with books, star chart, delux filter set, a few eye pieces and barlow and a single axis tracking motor… NOTE: This is NOT a kids toy or local market (wal-mart) telescope! It is a hobby grade unit!

Looking for a trials or street 20 or 24 (something my kid and I can learn tricks on and pedal around town) or a 36" cruiser. I have my 29 Muni now and a cheap 18, so I am open to ideas and options… And no, I cant sell this stuff on e-bay as I have no credit card!

Are we in parallel universes or something? I’ve got two guitars I never touch and am looking to get rid of.

Good luck with your hunt!