Things people say

My 11 yo daughter practices uniing (SP?) since a month or so, I walk beside her
in the park for support. Suddenly one of the pedals falls off but she dismounts
relatively gracefully. (It appears later that the seat was mounted the wrong way
(turned 180 deg) so the pedal thread worked its way out.) A passer-by asks: Is
it broken? I complained: things keep falling off. First we lost the front wheel,
and now the pedal goes. Hm, it sounded witty at the time.

It’s wonderful to see your admirable daughter beginning to master a skill that
you don’t master yourself. I tried for a while but brrrr!

BTW, I’ve been reading the ng since end of January. Most of you people seem to
be in the USA. Are there any recreational unicyclists in the Netherlands reading
this ng, preferably in the Zoetermeer area?

Klaas Bil