Things not to do on a unicycle [pics]

This never happened. All these pictures are staged. Do not try this at home.

Thanks again to Klaas for the get well postcard.

to cool dude.does your mother know what your doing? :astonished:

how did you post two pics in one post?

billnye and my friend Tom stopped over to see how I was doing and to snap some pictures.
Mom walks outside and says “Don’t you f*&#ing” think about it.


Dude, don’t do anything stupid sooner than is necessary. :slight_smile:

Get well,


Just thought I’d try and humor you guys.

It worked … just dont hurt yourself. Much. :slight_smile:


i like the nice touch of being barefoot…definitely not something to try at home

I helped a guy with part of his senior video project last year in highschool. I was required to knock him off his skateboard (My skateboard) with my car.

Was he barefooted or wearing a neckbrace?

Re: Things not to do on a unicycle [pics]

On Thu, 25 Jul 2002 03:07:35 -0500, AccordNSX
<> wrote:

>This never happened. All these pictures are staged. Do not try this at
Well, WE can try this at home but YOU shouldn’t!

Klaas Bil

No it was compleatly unrelated to this thread or unicycling in general.

As many of us would say “F Boston in the back!”

nice farmer tan bro!!! I am still working on mine

-Jonathan Ware-

Well. Not sure how to take that. Besides some very very bad sences of humor floating around?

I feel your pain AccordNSX, get well soon.

The sad thing is that I live in Florida and could get as much sun as needed. I usually burn and turn white again so I don’t bother.