Things I learned today...

No this isn’t a tricks/brag thread, it is just an observation I would like to share.
Today I went out with the Uni I bought from Krashin Kenny (Thanks again!) for the first time. I wanted to be able to do something besides riding miles on the road. Well I went hereand rode on this kind of stuff. I never upd’d so many times in one ride. The observation was that I had to learn to start looking more at the ground in front of me instead of ahead and down the road like when I am on the street. So many roots came out of nowhere and grabbed my wheel! I did have a good time on the boardwalk through the wetland. All in all it was a lot of fun. So my tip to anyone leaving the road for the trail is DON’T LOOK MORE THAN SIX FEET IN FRONT OF YOU!!! (at least until you are really goood at speedy recoveries! Ha!
I am not good with the attachment thing but the pics I am referring to are below.




Glad to see you’ve already decided to venture off-road with your new toy (welcome to the darkside):smiley: . Riding in the dirt takes a completely different level of balance and concentration than just cruising down the street. Watch out for those dips and roots, they’ll get ya’ if you’re not paying attention;)

A short ride of muni with just the right number of roots jumping out at you is both physically and mentally challenging. I can ride a good part of the day on pavement just casually taking it all in and come home fairly tired. Physically tired. But only a few hours out on the trails and my brain hurts. :wink:

There is nothing like discovering that the wheel spins even without pavement. Welcome to muni!

Here’s a pic from my ride last weekend

This one’s Scott (S_Wallis) getting ready to “drop in”

Here’s a pic of Scott (S_Wallis) getting ready to “drop in”

HEY Kenny! How do you get your pics to show in the thread?I love pics!!! Keep them coming! Where’s aspemike? He must be stuck in a snow drift by now! Ha!

After you type your reply to the thread, scroll down to “Additional Options” then click on “manage attachments”, then “Browse” and then “upload”. Wait while your attachment is loaded, close the window and submit your reply and you’re done.

What’s snow?